Professionally Designed
Lead Magnets

Custom designed, not cookie cutter Lead Magnets

I had a lead magnet which I wasn’t happy with. So I wasn’t sharing it anywhere, which rather defeats the purpose of a lead magnet (doh). I asked Amy to redo it with more appropriate images and colours for our business, and with almost no guidance on branding we weren’t even sure ourselves where we wanted to go with it. She didn’t just update it, Amy totally reworked it into a much more compelling and ‘worth downloading’ format. Absolutely brilliant, I’m now boring the pants off everyone with it. Thank you so much!

Bev Toogood
Scrawny Goat

Clarity Jane Marketing

Clarity Jane came to us after another business failed to deliver her lead magnet at the level she expected. 
She wanted a lead magnet that was professional and gave the level of style and elegance her overall brand portrayed. 
We were able to re-design the lead magnet and deliver it in a super speedy time, helping her start promoting it very quickly.

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