About Me

Hello, I’m Matt.

My photography journey began in 2003 when I purchased a point and shoot camera to take photos throughout the pubs and clubs of Leicester, running a website where I would post the photos once a week, I took 30,000 photos over a two year period building up quite a following.

However, I then met my future wife (Amy) and in 2005 moved from photographing clubs to documenting our journey together including the two beautiful girls that arrived like a whirlwind in our lives and of course then documenting our family holidays and events we went to.

Fast forward to 2013 and alongside the Media Production company that I founded (Kinetal) me and Amy created Forget Me Knot, a wedding film company. Filming weddings re-ignited my love for photography and in 2014 I enrolled in a HNC Photography course so that I could gain the technical knowledge and experience that I needed.

Wedding Photography

During 2014 two opportunities arrives, albeit through some unfortunate circumstances, firstly my friend Chris, asked me to photograph his wedding in September due to his photographer not answering his calls / emails (Mr & Mrs Woods) and another friend’s photographer unfortunately had an accident just 48 hours before their wedding and I was brought in to cover (Mr & Mrs King). This certainly wet my appetite and I used the weddings we were filming to expand my skills and experience ready to set up the business officially at the beginning of 2016.

Since then, Hazel Skye has blossomed into a great company and I am dedicated to providing the best images for you! I’m really excited to see what the future holds and to work with more people on making great experiences last forever.

Hazel Skye isn’t just about wedding photos, although that is our primary clientele. I offer a range of services, including pregnancy, engagement, new born and plenty more. Just get in touch to ask!

Matthew Hughes


My Style

I think the best way to approach photography is as a new blank canvas each time, that way we can work together to achieve exactly what you are looking for. After all, these photos will be your lasting memories of the most special occasions.

My usual style for shooting stems from the filming experience, I try to tell the story of the entire day through the photo series. I want your photos to convey all the colours, actions and emotions from you and everyone around.

I strongly believe there’s always room for improvement and always a chance to use creativity and ingenuity to get those unique shots you deserve. I will always bring new ideas to the day, make sure everyone gets in the pictures you ask for and I’ll always have tissues on hand for those weepy moments!

 Our Team

Amy Hughes

Editor / Communications

Amy deals with all our customer communications as well as scheduling and following the big day, Amy uses her eye for detail and vast experience to edit the photographs providing you with the best images from the wedding, this also allows us to deliver your images much quicker than a lot of our competitors.


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