On the 8th July I took Emma and Dan out to a park in Lutterworth just five minutes from their office, for an engagement shoot. Dan recently popped the question, and knowing of our work, asked if I would be up for getting some photos for them to have as a beautiful reminder.

There was only a tiny window of time (45 minutes to be exact) in which we could get the images so the pressure was on for me. Not for these two though, it was just a charming stroll on a sunny afternoon.

DSC04836 DSC04959

Of course there had to be some shots of the ring! We went for a little bit of detail, Emma really wanted to capture the ring and it’s beauty as it was being resized after the shoot.

DSC05128 DSC04900

It can be tricky to accurately portray the amount of love people have for one another on a staged shoot. That’s why I prefer to have the couple walk as they would when there are no photographers around! Some couples don’t like the pressure of photography so I just asked them to hold hands, walk in the light, etc. For me, it’s about finding the special moments, looks and hand holding that’s natural.

DSC04973 DSC04995

After all this we managed to find a small opening in the trees. We made use of some of the light coming through. This helped with the range of shots, we’ve had quite relaxed shots, casual ones and details too. This one was a little more intimate. The darker setting lends itself well to the fondness they clearly have for each other as they share a cuddle.


Finally on the way back to the car I spotted the path and asked them to have a moment together. This was great as I hadn’t spotted that Emma tip toed to reach Dan’s 6ft frame. By far the cutest moment of the afternoon.

DSC05083-2 DSC05083

The thing I loved about the shoot was managing to get a wonderful array of photos in 45 minutes. This shoot was a spontaneous one and worked out perfectly for the couple. We can’t wait for the wedding!

Everyone that books with us has the option to have an engagement shoot. Sometimes we have these on offer via our Facebook or Twitter accounts, so follow these if you’re interested.

Matt & The Hazel Skye Team

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