In October 2014 myself and the Forget Me Knot team were due to film a Rothley Court Wedding starring Mr & Mrs King when just 48 hours before Jo called and informed us that their photographer had been involved in a car accident and would be unable to photograph the wedding. After a little discussion we stepped up to the plate and offered our services after being the photographer at Mr & Mrs Woods wedding the month before.

Rothley Court Wedding Photography

The wedding was to be held at Rothley Court and whilst Dan and Jo would be staying there overnight, preparations began at the family home back in Birstall. It was a busy morning full of hair and makeup preparations for the bridal party!

Whilst Jo was getting glamourous, I was able to take one of the bridesmaids outside for a quick shot and I love the concentration as she tries to “poof” out her dress. We love the unconventional colour scheme for the bridesmaid’s dresses.

Jo & Dan Wedding 2014

After a short while we went to Jo’s parent’s house and waited for the wedding car to arrive, The Badsworth Landaulette by Married in Style arrived and the bridesmaids were on their way. Jo and her father travelled next. We managed to get a few snaps before they headed off to the venue. There could not have been anymore nerves or excitement in that car!

We arrived at Rothley Court in time to take some photos of a rather nervous Dan getting ready! With only a small window left, it was nearly time to get to the aisle. After all, it’s always the bride who should be late!


Now for the ceremony. It was naturally a happy, tear-filled occasion, with beautiful traditional flowers and candle decorations. And a LOT of confetti!

There were a lot of children at The Kings’ wedding, and although many would say that they can be a handful, I managed to get some great snaps of the little ones!


The weather held out for us when it came to getting some photos after the ceremony at Rothley Court. So armed with the camera, I managed to get the guests outside to take advantage of the scenic venue for some awesome group shots.

It’s always tricky to find time on such a hectic schedule to get the newlyweds some amazing couple images. As Jo and Dan were staying overnight, we managed it!  Here are some of the shots I took:

If you would like to see the rest – including bagpipes, cake cutting and the first dance – Here’s Forget Me Knot’s highlight:

Matt & The Hazel Skye Team

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